"Rae has been a part of Connie’s life since she was 5 months old. There is no one else I would trust with our baby more than Rae. She is caring, nurturing, punctual, considerate and uses amazing communication with us. Connie is now a very well behaved dog on her walkies and is trained off lead, all thanks to Rae. Rae has also increased Connie’s social skills with other dogs through small group dog walks and has made a best friend in Rae’s dog Zilean! Connie absolutely adores Rae and it is very clear to see how must trust Rae has built between them. I always know that Connie will be safe and will have lots of fun on her walkies!

Beth and Sarah Xx"

"From the moment that Dottie met Rae, at four months old, I knew that she would be a perfect fit and wonderful carer for her, and she’s proved I was right ever since.

Immediately on meeting Dottie, Rae got down to her level, was incredibly patient with a timid, wary puppy and took things slowly ensuring that she gained Dottie’s trust before venturing out and about. Since then, Rae has taken Dottie out on daily walks, adventures with her dog Zilean (Dotties one true love!) and encouraged her all the way. The photos, videos and little updates really brighten up my day.

Rae is flexible, supportive, reliable and very trustworthy. Dottie has come on so much since August and I would recommend her to any one looking for not only a dog walker, but a support and friend. Her experience has been invaluable and couldn’t do it without her. 

Thank you Rae from me and Dottie x"





"Rae walks my puppy 3 times a week, she’s absolutely fantastic. I ask her to bring her cocker Spaniel to help tire my dog out and she also works on things like recall etc too!

So glad we went with you, thank you for doing such a great job. Absolutely amazing ."


"The greatest recommendation I can give Rae is a glowing endorsement from our very anxious pup. Luna is scared of almost everybody and yet she absolutely adores Rae and eagerly awaits their walks together. Because of Lunas anxiety there are very few people we would trust to look after her if we go away, but we're more than happy to leave her in Rae's care, knowing that we'll come back to a relaxed and happy pooch."




We miss you Lolly. 



Luna & Lolly



"When Rae came into our lives I knew I wasn't just getting a dog walker. I was getting an individual who took the time to understand Rufus and his individual needs. A wonderful personal service with regular puppy updates on their time together. I would definitely recommend Rae both for your own peace of mind and your dogs well-being. Rae would be your dogs choice!"



"I first met Rae when I was looking for someone to walk my dog, she (Lottie) was getting very unfit and had put weight on, I was now unable to walk her as I had a few illnesses which prevented me. Lottie took to Rachael straight away, and was happy to go on these walks, all the time this was happening, my health was getting worse, and Rachael would always ask me if there was anything she could do. But I struggled through until one day when I was really ill I had to go into hospital, I was a bit panicked, as I couldn't leave Lottie on her own, so I rang Rachael and asked if she could look after her for me, this was no trouble, even when I found out that I would be in hospital for awhile, I was in for nearly 2 weeks, and Rachael looked after Lottie, fed & walked her. Obviously I paid her what she wanted for doing this for me. But I never thought it was enough. I didn't really have anyone else who could have her, apart from arranging kennels. But I was so greatful to Rachael that she looked after my girl and kept her in a loving environment. I came out of hospital and gradually got worse, until one day I was so Ill I couldn't do anything, I managed to text Rachael & asked her if she could look after Lottie for me. But not only did she do that, but she rang an ambulance for me and stayed and helped me, and then even bought some things into hospital for me. This time I was in for longer had 2 operations, and was not well at all. This was when Rachael offered to do my cleaning for me, I was trying to get a home help and a cleaner, but was not getting anywhere, and I was really not capable of doing anything. So this kind lovely considerate person, was now not only taking my dog for walks, but she was looking after me, doing my cleaning, getting shopping, posting letters, she even got her mum & dad to help with things that I needed doing. I will always be greatful to her for that. Now Lottie has got older & is a bit dodgy on her legs, and struggles to walk sometimes and is not always enthusiastic in going when Rachael calls to walk her, but she goes, I think she is happy to go, because she knows that Rachael cares about her. Rachael is a whole lot more than just a dog walker. A very special lady."





Maxi & Paddy

"Flexible and reliable, pooches have no complaints!"



We miss you Paddy

"I trust Rae implicity and so does Lola"