**Please note!**
If you select the letterbox size it will come with 15 bites. The box fits as a letterbox option so keeps shipping costs down but is still FIRST CLASS (1 working day) delivery.

If you select the regular box, it comes with a clear window, is taller and can fit more brownie bites in. Because it exceeds 2cm in height, the shipping cost is £3.50 - FIRST CLASS (1 working day.

The usual recipe, baked entirely with 55% chocolate ~ only this time there are added creme eggs, mini eggs & malteaser bunnies.


Lindt 55% Excellence
Countrylife Butter

Free Range Eggs,
Caster Sugar,

Gluten free flour,

Mini Eggs,
Creme Eggs,
Malteaser Bunnies

Keep in fridge, pop in fridge on arrival, lasts up to 3 days.

Easter Lindt Brownies