Walks & Love ~ Frequently asked questions

How long have you been walking dogs, and is this a full time job for you?

I have been walking professionally now for over 2 years. I have had dogs my entire life and as part of our family. A German Shepherd, a Rottweiler cross rescue, multiple dalmatians and now my own Cocker spaniel. We never felt like it was normal to have an empty house!

I am fully dedicated to working this job full time alongside my bakes!

Will my dog be walked individually or in a group?

At the moment, I only do walks solo, but there will be an opportunity for a small group of 3 to go together soon. This means better bonds and I am able to ensure that any dog who may be nervous in group situations is okay. This means it is at a slightly higher price point, purely because it is 1-1.

Will you be walking my dog, or do you work with others?

It's just me, Rae!

Do you walk in the rain, high heat, snow, or cold weather?

I walk in all weathers with a couple of exceptions - if it is so icy that your pooch or I could be injured, or it is so hot that the concrete may be too much for their paws.

Will you take my dog to a dog park or just for a walk?

This is entirely dependant on your dogs needs. Some jump in the car with me and we go to fields as they can be let off with good recall too.. Some stay with me on the lead and I walk in that specific area.

Do you offer special services other than dog walking?

Some of my clients have had me dog sit whilst they have gone away on vacation. I have a cocker spaniel who would need to accompany me, which helps with ensuring that all pooches are tired!

Do you have insurance?

I am fully insured for pet services.

How should I pay you, and how often?

Most of my clients pay weekly via bank transfer, but cash is also okay.

What happens if something happens to my furbaby in your care?

Your dog is my first priority. There has only (thankfully) ever been one issue in the past, where another dog from a different owner, attacked a dog in my care. The dog wasn't too badly hurt, but I managed to take her home with me, so she wasn't alone all day whilst her owner was at work ~ and I immediately called her owner to discuss the steps he would want me to take.

In any other instances I would immediately call you, on the way to the vet or if something had happened which was minor. Kes for example, hurt his paw one time chasing a cat, he limped the whole way home but I checked him over several times and informed his owner who was used to his clumsiness! It depends on the severity of the situation, but I am fast, speedy and ensure that they come first.