Frequently asked questions

Where do I go if I have a question about my order?

You have multiple places to go, message me on IG, facebook or e-mail me at

What about Allergens?

Human brownies: I do use gluten free flour, and all of the other ingredients may well contain traces (galaxy caramel, milkybar, Lindt) however they don't contain gluten outright.

Other allergens include MILK from the butter, there may be nuts/traces due to me baking in a homemade kitchen - however I have a strict cleaning policy everytime I make the brownies.

Other allergens may include SOYA and I also use EGG.

If you have any questions though, please ask. I have a gluten issue myself and so I bake without it. I used to bake cakes for people with severe allergies so I will be able to answer any questions you might have.
Please read all ingredients before purchase.

Doggo brownies: Grain free, may contain nuts. Egg is used but they are free from Milk.

How long will my order take after I've placed it?

If you are local, I would hope I can successfully make and deliver your brownies within 48 hours from order (even on the weekend). I will send you a text to give you an idea of time/when.

If you are ordering for UK delivery then the brownies will be dispatched the next working day if ordered before 4pm to be delivered by 1st class (1-2 working days)

How long do the brownies last?

Human Brownies: Keep them in the fridge for best results. Eat within 3 days from arrival.. although thats generous.. they are usually gone within a day! Doggo brownies: Again, 3-4 days from arrival.

Will you be doing more flavours?