Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

My love for dogs knows no bounds, we've always had one since I was little. Their capacity to love, protect and comfort is wonderful and I truly believe they are our guardian angels.

I started to dog walk mid 2018 after a long stint of illness. Not only did this allow me to get outside again, it gave me so much joy to be able to care for them just as much as my human clients love them.

I have recently expanded to bake treats for them, and for you. I used to bake healthy treats and have additional "indulgent" options which essentially were Lindt Brownies, they were loved, so I'm bringing them back. Take a look on the brownie pages and see which you'd like the most! I will be expanding flavours as we go.

Growing tremendous bonds and friendships with passing and also current canines has and always will be a pleasure. 

Never be in doubt that they will be safe, well exercised and loved every time we meet.